Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My buddy Doug @ UPGFILMS dropped by to learn some RED workflows, and took a great photo of us in one of the edit suites here @ the Cave.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Marching forward

Hopefully be the beginning of next week we will be migrating all our blogging and news feeds to our website. This will give me the benefits of having everything located in one place and streamlining all the "haps"

in the meantime the week is starting out quite slow. Good news on the Sci-Fi pilot we have been working on. The trailer was accepted to the "trailers festival" which is a very select festival intended for distribution and network professionals to attend and hopefully buy the rights to a show. The distribution part of filmmaking is very interesting and confusing for me. My friends over at Stratatek Studios just finished a preview screening to their feature "Heaven Burns" last tuesday @ Towson University. The attendance was great for the preview screening, and i really enjoyed the story and the character development. Digital Cave gave the filmmakers the keys to our facilities for the color grading, and will continue to provide support to see the film completed.

In other News our Steven Ruback is cracking away on his feature which is going to be very exciting. Especially since i will be performing all the motorcycle riding. Maybe i'll be IMDB credited as a stunt guy that be a nice conversation piece!!!

C-47 Trailer that will be shown at the Trailers Festival. Minus some of the Blood.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Finally the snow is thawing out and we can get back to business.

Chris Weizorek - C83 Productions Guy Xtreme pose.

DCM is gearing up some new projects finishing up a couple projects. I just finished up some DPX transcodes that Crisis Lab will be putting their fine touches to for VFX work. Using the Red Rocket has been such a time saver on the DPX transcodes. Can't wait to see the final product from Crisis Lab!!!

UMD Joe Louis Opera

I just finished this new project with Jim@Protagonist Films client University of Maryland. About Joe Louis the boxer its an original opera that will be performed @ University of Maryland clarice smith performing arts center.

Essentially the video is comprised of interviews with the creatives behind the opera; very interesting and entertaining.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Editing the new Spank Rock Collab: Mobroder/DJ HOFF video. This is all i can show you. Yeah ok its just the freakin' hard drive. Maybe we'll put something together to post on here.

Photo of the day

My buddy Chris sent me this photo the other day. "The best sound rig on the East Coast." Well, if i can location mix and play WOW at the same time then this is a winner!

-Bryson is operating the monster today.